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Hamilton Soap

Jump-start your productivity with this espresso scented soap made with over an ounce of creamy goat’s milk in every bar. With added coffee grounds for gentle exfoliation, this soap will let you start your day with energy and determination to not throw away your shot!

Hogwarts Bath Bomb Gift Set

Finally, all of the House bath bombs are in one great set. Give your favorite potter head (or yourself!) the gift of 4 long, relaxing, nerdy baths. Included in the set are:
Gryffindor Bath Bomb: Spicy and Sweet Pepperberry - bold and brave
Ravenclaw Bath Bomb: Green Tea - stimulating and uplifting
Hufflepuff Bath Bomb: Earthy Chamomile - calming and relaxing
Slytherin Bath Bomb: Euclayptus and Spearmint - subtle and cool

Lady Macbeth Soap

"Out, damned spot!" cries Lady Macbeth in the throes of her madness. "All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand". Lucky for you, you've got a bar of this luxurious goat's milk soap to sweeten your hand(s). (And also you probably didn't help to murder the King of Scotland.)  A great gift for the Shakespeare fan in your life, or your friend with an excellent sense of humor.