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Pride and Prejudice Bathbomb

Watch your bathwater turn a gentle shade of purple as this fizzing dynamo releases clouds of lavender scent (and organicaly grown lavender buds). Relax in the warm water, letting the Mrs. Bennets and Lady Catherine de Bourghs of your life float away. Ahhhhh. 

Keats's Autumn Soap

Bring the fall season into your home with this creamy soap that mimics the vibrant colors of the falling leaves, and is scented with Autumn Fig - "mellow fruitfulness" indeed!

Hufflepuff Gift Set

After a long day of toil - er, work - what could be better than a a warm bath with our relaxing Chamomile scented gift set? Take a long soak with our cheerful yellow bath bomb, get squeaky clean with our bar of goat's milk soap, and afterwards keep your skin smooth and soft with our silky lotion.