Featured soaps:


Bah, Humbug! Soap

Look, we understand - sometimes the holidays can be a bit much. Take a break from holiday stress with this delectable chocolate mint scented goat’s milk soap, made with over an ounce of creamy milk in every bar and real cocoa powder. By the time you’re clean and smelling great, your skin and your spirits will feel refreshed and ready to tackle another round of holiday to-dos. 

Champagne Bath Bomb

Enjoy the luxury of bathing in champagne! Our fizzing champagne scented bath bomb will get you ready for a big night out, or makes the perfect gift for someone celebrating a special event. Dusted with glittery gold mica, the Night of Revels bath bomb will leave you relaxed and smelling fantastic. 

A Christmas Carol Soap

Remind yourself of the lessons of Christmas with every wash when you use this Christmas Spice scented soap. With over an ounce of creamy goat’s milk in every bar, this joyful soap will have you living in the past, the present, and the future. (Ok, it mostly just gets you clean and makes you smell wonderful.)