Featured products:


Prefect's Bathroom Lotion

This is the perfect post shower lotion - thick but not greasy, and absorbs quickly into your skin. Scented with blackberry and sage (the same great scent as our Prefect's Bathroom soap), and containing skin softening meadowfoam oil, sweet almond oil, and colloidal oatmeal, Prefect's Bathroom Lotion is the perfect choice for the Harry Potter lover!

Anne of Green Gables Soap

Scented with sweet rose and topped with organically grown rose petals, the Anne of Green Gables soap will transport you to Avonlea in early summer. This creamy goats milk soap made with oil absorbing rose clay also makes the perfect gift for your bosom companions! 

Pride and Prejudice Lotion

You've got a big ball coming up at Netherfield, and your Mother keeps insisting that you catch a rich gentleman's eye - how do you prepare? We here at The MacBath would recommend using our exfoliating Pride and Prejudice soap, then following it up with some silky and moisturizing lotion with the same great scent!